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Movie A Day: Day 31

Red (2010 film)

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The last movie of January is RED

This movie is about a retired CIA agent named Frank Moses (Bruce Willis). He is living a boring retired life on his own. The best part of his life is the phone conversations he has with his case worker at the pension place, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) but when assassins try to kill Frank, he and the reluctant Sarah (who is also a target of the assassins) try to find his old team members from his days as a spy. The team members are Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), Victoria (Hellen Mirren) and Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman). They all look back into their past to find out why everyone wants them dead.

I had fun watching this movie. It was great to see these older actors re-living their action movie days. I especially loved John Malkovich’s character.

Recommendation: Buy


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Movie A Day: Days 28, 29 and 30

Cover of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fell...

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In case you missed the last post this review is for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers, and Lord of The Rings: Return of The King

These movies are adapted from the Lord of The Rings book trilogy. If you haven’t read them, then you should. These movies are about a fantastical place called Middle Earth. For many, many years (decades, centuries, whatever) it was ruled by the Dark Lord Sauron using power from the ring he had made. After he was defeated, the ring found its way to a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm). When Bilbo decides to leave The Shire, the ring is given to the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) who is tasked with giving it to another hobbit, Frodo (Elijah Wood). Frodo finds out of the power of the ring and is advised by Gandalf to take it away from the shire. Frodo then begins a long journey to Mount Doom, which is the only place the ring can truly be destroyed. With help from a group of people known as the Fellowship of the Ring, he crosses Middle Earth all the while fighting the forces of evil who have been sent to retrieve the ring by Sauron and the evil wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee) who is regaining power.

Each movie is incredibly good but they are not all as good as each other. The Fellowship of the Ring is definitely my favorite, it has the best part of the story and really sets up for a good trilogy. The Two Towers is my least favorite, it has the feel of just being a movie made to join the Fellowship of The Ring to the final part, The Return of The King. The Return of The King is quite good but not quite as good at the Fellowship of the Ring.

You should definitely watch all these movies. In fact on a rainy Sunday, go to the video store and buy them all and sit down and watch them from start to finish. Valentines day is soon, if you’re all alone then would be a good time.

Recommendation: BUY!!!!


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Movie A Day: The Next Three Days

There won’t be a review until Sunday because I am going to watch the Lord of The Rings trilogy and I think it’s pointless to review all three as I watch them.

So… until Sunday…

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Movie A Day: Day 27

Cover of "Surrogates"

Cover of Surrogates

Todays movie is Surrogates

A man named Canter (James Cromwell and others) invented robots that humans use instead of their actual bodies. They become the surrogates. Their mind and feelings etc. Canter invented them so people with disabilities could have full mobility again. Soon everyone has a surrogate and uses them so they can stay at home and be safe from injury and disease. One day someone kills a surrogate but instead of fail-safes activating to prevent damage to the operator, the operator is killed too. Then FBI agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is called in to find out who did it. Someone has a weapon that kills people by killing their surrogates.

This is a great idea for a movie. I really enjoyed it. When you saw a surrogate, you really believed it was a robot and not a person. Not sure if it was makeup or the way the people acted but it was amazing. It was a bit confusing at parts but overall it was a really good movie.

Recommendation: BUY

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Movie A Day: Day 26

Green Zone (film)

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Today’s movie is Green Zone

This movie is about the war in Iraq. It takes place during the invasion and the search for weapons of mass destruction. The story follows Chief Warrant Officer Miller (Matt Damon) who is in charge of a team that goes to search sites that are said to have WMD‘s in them. The problem is, all the sites are empty. When a senior CIA agent Martin Brown (Brendan Gleeson) tells Miller there aren’t any WMD’s and its all just a creation for the USA to invade Iraq, Miller starts to look for the truth.

There is a bit of action in this movie. It’s not great. If you want to see a good movie about the Iraq war, you should watch The Hurt Locker. I’m not saying don’t watch this movie, just don’t put it on the top of your list of movies to watch.

Reccommendation: Download

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Movie A Day: Day 25

Cover of "War, Inc."

Cover of War, Inc.

Today’s movie is War Inc.

This movie takes place during a time where the country of Turaqistan is being occupied by a private military company, Tamerlane, run by a former US vice-president (Dan Aykroyd). The story is about an assassin (John Cusack) who has been hired to kill the oil minister, Omar Sharif (Lyubomir Neikov) but in order to do that he has to pose as a producer of a trade show. Then he finds out that at the end of the trade show there will be a wedding of a famous local music star (Hilary Duff) who he will have to keep happy if he wants everything to run smoothly.

This movie has it’s funny parts but the story is a bit ridiculous. It has the feel of Doctor Strangelove but its still a bit crap. Most of the best bits are from John Cusack so if you like him then you might like this movie.

Recommendstion: download

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Movie A Day: Day 24

Cover of "Bruce Almighty [Blu-ray]"

Today’s movie is Bruce Almighty.

Bruce almighty is about a reporter, Bruce (Jim Carrey) who desperately wants to get the job as anchor. But when it’s awarded to rival anchor Evan (Steve Carell) Bruce has had enough. Then he approached by God (Morgan Freeman) to take over his job for a while. Bruce accepts and sees this as a way to fix his life. But he doesn’t realize that God does more than just have fun with his powers.

I enjoyed this movie. Mostly because it had Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman in it (I enjoy lots of movies simply because of the actors in them).

Recommendation: BUY

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