Movie A Day: Day 27

Cover of "Surrogates"

Cover of Surrogates

Todays movie is Surrogates

A man named Canter (James Cromwell and others) invented robots that humans use instead of their actual bodies. They become the surrogates. Their mind and feelings etc. Canter invented them so people with disabilities could have full mobility again. Soon everyone has a surrogate and uses them so they can stay at home and be safe from injury and disease. One day someone kills a surrogate but instead of fail-safes activating to prevent damage to the operator, the operator is killed too. Then FBI agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is called in to find out who did it. Someone has a weapon that kills people by killing their surrogates.

This is a great idea for a movie. I really enjoyed it. When you saw a surrogate, you really believed it was a robot and not a person. Not sure if it was makeup or the way the people acted but it was amazing. It was a bit confusing at parts but overall it was a really good movie.

Recommendation: BUY


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