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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Celebration

Everyone likes to celebrate. Right?

You can't have a birthday celebration without cake. Or something similar to a cake.


You can dance to celebrate too. This is from after Improv in Toronto's "Subway Dance Party" a few years ago.


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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Broken

Another Catch Up. The theme is “broken”. I didn’t want to just take pictures of objects so I got a bit creative.

this one is fairly self explanatory.

A familiar sight in Toronto. Construction. Usually means something is broken

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Waiting

Here’s an extra photo challenge post using a theme posted before I actually started the challenge.

Nothing says “Waiting” like rush hour traffic on the DVP.

Do you wait when the big red had says so?

And of course, waiting for the bus.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

What is a simple photo? To me a simple photo is a photo you take to remember something. No special effects, or arty attempts to make it look good. To me a simple picture is like a memory. It’s not perfect but it still makes you happy, or brings back memories. The most common type of “simple” pictures are family photos. When you have a party and pose for a group shot. Or another type of simple photo is taken when you meet someone important or special like a celebrity.

This was taken when I got to meet Russell Peters at a DVD signing in Mississauga. In terms of how well it was taken, or the lighting, or exposure, or any of that stuff, it isn’t a good picture. But it is simple.

People from toronto will probably get this one. It’s a picture of the new “Toronto Rocket” that is clearly being used for training purposes. Someone wrote “gravy” in the dirt on the window above the sign and I snapped a pic. In case you don’t know, the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, used the phrase “Stop the Gravy Train” during his election campaign.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

WordPress is having a weekly photo challenge. Each Friday they give a topic and you take a couple of pictures that relate to that theme and add a small post before the next friday. For this first week I’m going to dig into my archives of pictures I’ve taken and find a couple of appropriate photos.

Taken at the Newmindspace Pillow Fight. Some people decided to have a nap.

I had the opportunity to attend an event and build some snow lanterns in Dufferin Grove park.

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