Movie A Day: Day 25

Cover of "War, Inc."

Cover of War, Inc.

Today’s movie is War Inc.

This movie takes place during a time where the country of Turaqistan is being occupied by a private military company, Tamerlane, run by a former US vice-president (Dan Aykroyd). The story is about an assassin (John Cusack) who has been hired to kill the oil minister, Omar Sharif (Lyubomir Neikov) but in order to do that he has to pose as a producer of a trade show. Then he finds out that at the end of the trade show there will be a wedding of a famous local music star (Hilary Duff) who he will have to keep happy if he wants everything to run smoothly.

This movie has it’s funny parts but the story is a bit ridiculous. It has the feel of Doctor Strangelove but its still a bit crap. Most of the best bits are from John Cusack so if you like him then you might like this movie.

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