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Manhunt on the Subway

Unattended entrance on Markham Street, at the ...

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I spread the link to the facebook event but people have been having trouble viewing it so i decided to post the information here.

Time: Wednesday, December 29 · 8:00pm – 11:30pm

Location: Meet at Bathurst station, lover level

More Information: Meet at Bathurst Station, Lower Level at 8:00pm. Game will start at 8:30pm.

Game One: 8:30-9:30pm
After the game meet at the streetcar platform at SPADINA SUBWAY

Game Two: 9:45-10:30pm
After the game meet at the TICKET COLLECTOR at YONGE/BLOOR SUBWAY

Yonge/University/Spadina Line – North: Rosedale Station + Dupont Station
Yonge/University/Spadina Line – South – Union Station
Bloor/Danforth Line – East – Yonge/Bloor
Bloor/Danforth Line – West – Bathurst



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The Disappearing Classics

Marburg, Hirschberg 13, ist das älteste Fachwe...

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As I sit here in a modern Japanese restaurant. I wonder why this style of building and indeed, its interior is so popular. Whatever happened to the classic architecture of days past? Buildings with their own unique character that made you feel warm and welcome (or cold and unwelcome if it was so desired). What compelled someone to throw all of that away and build a glass square with some wooden squares inside for furniture? Stuff that makes you feel cold and unwelcome. I loved the classic buildings. The ones you walk in and every corner and wall has a story to tell. Every room has a unique atmosphere that let’s you know what kind of room you’re in. Ones with hidden passageways and floors made of wood. The kind of place you’d imagine Sean Connery in, sitting in a big leather chair beside a fireplace with a glass of scotch and a pipe. Why has this changed? Why?




Note: I’m in the restaurant because of the food, not the building.

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Whats Going on at City Hall

Toronto City Hall from Sheraton hotel room

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Quite a lot has been happening at Toronto city hall. The three main things are the cutting of councilors expenses, the removal of the car tax and the move to make the TTC an essential service.

The first “Victory” of the day for Mayor Ford was the removal of the vehicle tax that added $60 to your fees every time you updated your license plates on your car. The concerns from many councilors was that he reason the tax was brought in was because the city was short of money. This made many citizens happy because they now don’t have to pay a tax. A tax that no one really had to pay anyways.

The next was a the cut of city councilors expenses by $20,000. That’s quite a lot isn’t it. Well it used to be $50,000. That’s more than lots of people make in a year. Just for things they might have to spend money on while doing their jobs. The reason it was cut was because people had been complaining about the over spending going on with expenses because councilors had been claiming things that weren’t business related. The cut could be a good thing because now councilors will be spending less. Or will they? Perhaps more councilors will start spending everything they are allowed to spend instead of what they used to, just to make things awkward.

The final act was to pass a motion to make the TTC an essential service. This is one of Mayor Ford’s big election campaign promises. Of course what he failed to mention was that city council cannot actually decide whether the TTC becomes an essential service but they can make a recommendation to the provincial government that it should become one. If the TTC became an essential service it would mean that they can’t go on strike and must always continue service, even during labour disputes. This doesn’t mean that they can’t go on work-to-rule which means they can slow down service and things like that. Although many transit riders will say they wouldn’t notice anyways.

Those are the main things that have been happening so far with the new council. Lets hope it stays good. All you people outside Toronto. Wish us luck.

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The Next Great Invention

In my opinion, it is not the act of talking on...

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I’ve had an idea for a great gadget for your car. Its a new type of cell phone holder. I know what you’re saying, “But there are already lots of them anyways!” Well this one’s different.

This cell phone holder goes on the steering wheel of your car. It is really handy. You place the cell phone in the middle of your steering wheel, right in front of the airbag,  and then it’s in the perfect place to see who is calling when you are driving and you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to press the button for hands-free. You could even text message while you drive.

You must all be thinking how unsafe this is because we all want people to stop using their phones and driving. but there is one important part to this. It is right in front of the airbag. This means that when some dickhead tries to text and drive and has an accident, if he’s not killed, he will have a huge dent in his face in the shape of his cell phone to constantly remind him, what an ass he is.

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