Movie A Day: Day 21

Machete (film)

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Todays movie is Machete

This movie is about a mexican faderal agent who is known as Machete (Danny Trejo) who’s wife is killed by the big drug boss Torrez (Steven Segal) and flees to america. One day he is hired by a mysterious man (Jeff Fahey) to assasinate a senator (Robert De Niro) who is up for re-election. He is set up by the mysterious man and ends up finding links to the drug boss Torrez so he decides to take down the whole organization.

This is a really violend and bloody movie. The story is good and the charachters are cast appropriately (Other characters are played by Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, and Don Johnson). If you don’t like violent movie, don’t watch this, if you do then this should be added to the top of your movie list.

Recommendation: BUY

I don’t know what tomorrows movie is going to be.


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