Movie A Day: Day 22

Cover of "Heaven"

Cover of Heaven

This movie makes up for January 1st. I didn’t actually watch a movie that day.

This movie is called Heaven

This movie is about a school teacher in Italy named Philippa (Cate Blanchett) who places a bomb in an office building in order to kill a drug dealer who killed one of her students. She fails to kill the dealer and ends up killing two little girls, their father and a cleaning lady. While she is in police custody, her translator, a police officer named Filippo (Giovanni Ribisi) decides to help her escape so she can kill the dealer.

This is a fairly boring movie. There are moments of excitement but they are far and few between. I was only watching this because it was on TV. Most of it was in italian with english subtitles and I actually found this easy to follow. I usually don’t like subtitles.

Recommendation: Don’t (unless its on TV, then maybe consider it)


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