What To Expect From This Site

About the Site

Well, I suppose you obviously have some sort of interest in this site or you wouldn’t be reading this. I suppose I should tell you what will be on this blog. Basically anything I think of, find interesting or cool and information about any events I plan on going to or have been to or think you should all go to. I will talk about politics quite a bit because I think lots of political things are being handled the wrong way. I will also quote a lot of articles I find from magazines such as Macleans and newspapers like The Globe and Mail or the Star and websites such as stumbleupon.com or digg.com also there will be a lot of videos from YouTube. mostly movie trailers and funny clips I’ve found. That’s it. It’s just a lot of everything really.


None, I don’t really believe in any specific thing. My politics is extremely centrist. I believe that quite a few current and old ways and laws should not be changed (conservative) but I also believe that some ideas are very stupid and should be changed immediately (liberal/leftist). I don’t follow any specific religion but I am open to the concept of “God” or “Gods”. I suppose my main religious belief is that we should all just be good and everything will be fine. Makes sense right? Good.

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