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Magic and A Few Laughs

I found a few clips from various Penn & Teller magic shows on YouTube a few days ago. Then I found some full episodes from a show they did in England called “The Unpleasant World of Penn & Teller”. They are good for that gory magic that Penn & Teller are known for and if you are going to watch “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” a new show thats in production. I suggest you check them out.

Look in the related videos for more episodes.


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The Future of Hard Copy Media

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First Blockbuster went broke and closed, and now this.

Struggling British entertainment retailer HMV has sold its 121-store Canadian unit to Hilco UK, raising 2 million pounds ($3.2 million) to cut debt and help the firm stay in business.

The move by the 90-year-old firm to sell the Canadian business comes days after HMV’s shareholders backed the 53-million-pounds disposal of its Waterstone’s book chain to Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut.

Earlier this month HMV, which has issued four profit warnings this year, secured its immediate future with a 220 million pounds refinancing deal that will effectively involve the British taxpayer taking a stake in the group.

“The board has fully explored the options available to it for HMV Canada, and believes that a sale to Hilco is the correct decision for the business at this time, whilst reducing the operating leverage in the continuing group,” said Chief Executive Simon Fox.

“The group is focusing on clear and tightly defined plans for transforming HMV into a broad-based entertainment business.”

(Article from Reuters)

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that HMV is closing too. Although I do watch the occasional movie and tv show online, I still prefer having a hard copy and I usually buy them from HMV. Although things are looking up with the line about “transforming HMV into a broad-based entertainment business”. I’m guessing that means adding new products and services.

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What Happened to PC Gaming

I was sent this hilarious video about what has happened to PC gaming because of people cheating and hacking. I laughed and any true PC gamer will too.

The video is from the freddiew Youtube channel. I suggest you check out some of his other videos.

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What’s The Stupidest Thing You’ve Heard This Week

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I’ve heard some really stupid things. Mostly things I read on social networks. The best example of this is Twitter. All you have to do is look at the trending topics and you will feel sorry for humanity. Don’t even think of clicking any of them and reading some of the tweets associated with them. You will want to shoot yourself.

Then there are tweets related to Justin Bieber (or as I like to call him “He-who-shall-not-be-mentioned-in-a-tweet”). Whatever you do, if you value your sanity, DO NOT click his profile, or mention him, or search for people mentioning. You will feel so sorry for these people. The worst thing is when you @reply him. Then, one of a few things will happen. If you say something nice, you will get lots of retweets. If you say something mean, you will get angry people tweeting you. Finally, for either, you will get people saying “follow me” in a few different ways.


The stupidest thing I’ve heard all week, was

Marry me Justin Bieber

A tweet sent to the aforementioned Bieber by a person who I will not name because they’ve embarrassed themselves enough.

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When was the last time you changed your mind?

About two minutes ago. I wasn’t going to sit and write this post but changed my mind at the last minute and decided I probably should.

It’s a bit silly asking when you last changed your mind. You change tour mind loads of times every day. How many times do you think “I should…” and don’t? That’s changing your mind. Or if you are about to do something and decide it’s a bad idea, that’s changing your mind.

In the time you wasted reading this drivel, you probably thought of a thousand things to do but changed your mind and decided to keep reading.

Now for gods sake stop reading and go do something productive.


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Do you think you’d make a good president?

No. Of course I wouldn’t be a good president/prime minister. I’d be an awful choice.

Sure I have lots of ideas, and suggestions about what to do to change the country for the better. Or at least ideas that I think are good. And how hard can it be to stand in front of the camera and look good an say a few words in a commanding and political way?

The thing about being president/prime minister is that everyone thinks they will be good at it. We all have these ideas of things we want to do and things we want to change. But what about all the other things you have to do. Being president is more than just saying “let’s do this” and smiling for the camera.

But we all know that all we would do is screw up the country even more. There are people who are professionals for that. Let’s leave it to them.

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Canada Post: Making Itself Obsolete Since 2011

Canada Post has finally started the final few steps to becoming obsolete. They have gone on strike. Well, actually the bosses locked out the workers until they reached a contract agreement but to you and I it is the same thing. We’re not getting any mail.

Or are we?

By going “on strike” Canada Post has effectively sealed its fate as a company. Just the threat of going on strike showed a 16% drop in use of Canada Post so you can imagine what this full blown strike has done.

This is the problem with unions. I understand the need for them but they are not helping the workers any more. All they seem to want is as much money as they can get and they won’t stop until they get it. The whole purpose of the union is to protect the worker from the business owners. They make sure that working conditions are good, wages are paid, people aren’t getting dismissed for unfair reasons, and they negotiate contracts on behalf of the workers. This seems to be too difficult for them to do nowadays.

By going on strike in a business like Canada Post, a business where their are other options to choose from (Email, FedEx, UPS, paying bills online) you aren’t acting in the interest of the workers. Canada Post has probably lost so much business that it might have to cut jobs. Jobs that might not have to have been cut if there hadn’t been a strike.

So, good luck Canada post. We all enjoyed having you around but if you keep up like this, everyone is going to use online bill paying, email, and FedEx. Which is where most of your workers will be too.

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