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Why You Always Want To Drive Yourself

The Concept Image of The Autonomobile

I was watching Top Gear recently, and they mentioned a proposed car called the “Autonomobile” which is proposed to be build by 2040. It’s an electric car made to go low speeds and… it drives itself.

Now you might think this is a great idea. You never have to worry about the strain of driving, you can just sit back and relax while the car takes you there. But it is a terrible idea. It has been said that half of all plane crashes are caused by pilot error. We all know that planes can fly by themselves and they can take off and land using instruments. So theoretically, planes should be able to take off, land, and fly, on their own. And this should theoretically lower plane crashes by 50%.


Would you want to get on a plane without a pilot?

Its the same thing with cars that drive themselves. No matter how smart the man or woman who designed this is, you still don’t have control of the car. I don’t know about you but I kind of like being in control of machines. There have been too many movies about machines trying to kill us for us to really trust machines that much. And as Jeremy Clarkson put it,

“its a brilliant idea, designed by very smart people, but one day you know that this will be bought by a man named Keith, and he is going to wake up one morning and think he can service it himself and you won’t be able to relax in your autonomobile because you know that Keith is in his, coming the other way”

And you won’t be able to steer out of the way of Keith because the car is driving itself.


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Makes Sense Really…

I never thought this day would come. I am about to do two things I promised myself I wouldn’t do on this blog. 1) Go all mushy and romantic (sorta) and 2) Quote Brian Baine. But after reading this I have to agree with what he says (aggh!! thats probably a third thing) here

Have you ever notices how in tv they always come back? There never really is the one that got away. Now I’m only thinking about this because of the season final of Glee. If you have watched the show you know all about Fin and Rachael. Well here’s a little synopsis of there relationship:

Fin has girlfriend. Fin meets Rachael. Rachael falls for fin. They kiss. Fin rejects Rachael because of girlfriend. Fin and girlfriend break up. Fin and Rachael get together. They break up. Rachael gets a boyfriend. Fin gets jealous ttys to get her back but can’t. Rachael looses boyfriend. Fin and Rachael get back together… The end

Now in real life that never happens… I think.

Now the reason this is bugging me is well I want it to happen to me… I know it sound stupid but it’s true. As someone who lost someone who made me the happyest person ever it sucks. I wish this stuff would happen… That shed come running back and we’d live happly ever after. As much as everyone refered to me abd her as a chick flick and it will work out its one of those situations that you never know. But shows like glee just give people like me false hope. Don’t get me wrong I love the show but let’s be more realistic.

If you managed to follow all that then well done you. That was the abbreviated post. The rest was about the blackhawks winnig the stanley cup. Good but I don’t really care enough to mention it.

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Rephrasing a Common Phrase

While watching television today I was rudely interrupted by a sign that said “we are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by” and that made me think “what kind of technical difficulties?” I know that sounds stupid but it’s true. Are they really so bad that you can’t continue showing what I was watching but you can broadcast a sign telling me somethings wrong? Obviously not enough is wrong. I want to see honest signs. Instead of “technical difficulties” I want to see “sorry the guy running the video dropped hot coffee on his lap and is running around screaming. We’d fix the video but we don’t know how to. Once his balls cool down we’ll have you watching whatever you were watching as soon as we can.” Or perhaps “we really don’t know what’s wrong so go get a nice cool drink and maybe have a pee and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to start up again”


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MP’s Getting Out of Hand

Rick Mercer rants,

And then there’s the ongoing Helena Geurgis saga, which I don’t understand. I mean does she have pictures of the Prime Minister in a dress or something? This is a Prime Minister who has spent millions of dollars collecting stupid things his enemies have said and then mailed them out all over Canada, and yet Helena Geurgis screams that PEI is a hellhole at the top of her lungs and that’s just fine with him. And then she doesn’t even apologize. She releases a written statement. Try that one kids. Next time your parents tell you to apologize for something, don’t do it in person, no, just have someone type something up and then fax it over in the morning. Actually, don’t bother it won’t work. Unless you’re a cabinet minister or you’re married to one, and then normal rules don’t apply.

It seems that we can now see why Stephen Harper has kept his MP’s and cabinet ministers bound and gagged, as soon as you let them go stuff like what happened with Helena Geurgis happens.

This is just the first of a few “cock up’s” that have happened with tory MP’s. There was also the tantrum that was thrown at Ottawa airport by Veteran Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn over a bottle of tequila. He has since apologized for the tantrum but this doesn’t excuse him from what he’s done. Everyone has complained about how Stephen Harper doesn’t let his MP’s and Cabinet Ministers say what they want and he has them “on a short leash”. Well it seems like he let them off the leash for a few days and is severly regretting it. This should give him some ammo for when people start talking about the PMO censoring MP’s. All he has to say is “remember PEI airport?”

read the full rant from Rick Mercer here

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Human Target

There is a great new show that has hit the airwaves. “Human Target” (based on the comic book) is about a private body guard named Christopher Chance. He has a different way of protecting his clients. He will make it look like the client hasn’t hired any one by becoming one of their staff or pretending to be their lawyer etc. Then when the threat exposes itself he deals with it. The show stars Mark Valley as Christopher Chance (you might have seen him in Boston Legal) and airs on different chanels through the week. (I think it’s on fox @8 on Wednesdays)

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