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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Dinner's ready

Ready for Improv in Torontos' No Pants Subway Ride


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

What is a simple photo? To me a simple photo is a photo you take to remember something. No special effects, or arty attempts to make it look good. To me a simple picture is like a memory. It’s not perfect but it still makes you happy, or brings back memories. The most common type of “simple” pictures are family photos. When you have a party and pose for a group shot. Or another type of simple photo is taken when you meet someone important or special like a celebrity.

This was taken when I got to meet Russell Peters at a DVD signing in Mississauga. In terms of how well it was taken, or the lighting, or exposure, or any of that stuff, it isn’t a good picture. But it is simple.

People from toronto will probably get this one. It’s a picture of the new “Toronto Rocket” that is clearly being used for training purposes. Someone wrote “gravy” in the dirt on the window above the sign and I snapped a pic. In case you don’t know, the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, used the phrase “Stop the Gravy Train” during his election campaign.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

WordPress is having a weekly photo challenge. Each Friday they give a topic and you take a couple of pictures that relate to that theme and add a small post before the next friday. For this first week I’m going to dig into my archives of pictures I’ve taken and find a couple of appropriate photos.

Taken at the Newmindspace Pillow Fight. Some people decided to have a nap.

I had the opportunity to attend an event and build some snow lanterns in Dufferin Grove park.

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