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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

This one is fairly simple. No explanation needed.

Looking down the pool cue. (In the photo: Julie Saggers of Julie Saggers Photography)


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Weekly Photo Challenge Catch Up: Light

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I really tried but this one was really difficult to figure out. So instead I thought I’d post a cool looking picture I took recently and try and explain how it shows regret.

I was going to use this for one of the “catch up” challenges but nothing says regret like an empty theatre.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Dinner's ready

Ready for Improv in Torontos' No Pants Subway Ride

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Celebration

Everyone likes to celebrate. Right?

You can't have a birthday celebration without cake. Or something similar to a cake.


You can dance to celebrate too. This is from after Improv in Toronto's "Subway Dance Party" a few years ago.

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Broken

Another Catch Up. The theme is “broken”. I didn’t want to just take pictures of objects so I got a bit creative.

this one is fairly self explanatory.

A familiar sight in Toronto. Construction. Usually means something is broken

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Catch Up): Waiting

Here’s an extra photo challenge post using a theme posted before I actually started the challenge.

Nothing says “Waiting” like rush hour traffic on the DVP.

Do you wait when the big red had says so?

And of course, waiting for the bus.

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