MP’s Getting Out of Hand

Rick Mercer rants,

And then there’s the ongoing Helena Geurgis saga, which I don’t understand. I mean does she have pictures of the Prime Minister in a dress or something? This is a Prime Minister who has spent millions of dollars collecting stupid things his enemies have said and then mailed them out all over Canada, and yet Helena Geurgis screams that PEI is a hellhole at the top of her lungs and that’s just fine with him. And then she doesn’t even apologize. She releases a written statement. Try that one kids. Next time your parents tell you to apologize for something, don’t do it in person, no, just have someone type something up and then fax it over in the morning. Actually, don’t bother it won’t work. Unless you’re a cabinet minister or you’re married to one, and then normal rules don’t apply.

It seems that we can now see why Stephen Harper has kept his MP’s and cabinet ministers bound and gagged, as soon as you let them go stuff like what happened with Helena Geurgis happens.

This is just the first of a few “cock up’s” that have happened with tory MP’s. There was also the tantrum that was thrown at Ottawa airport by Veteran Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn over a bottle of tequila. He has since apologized for the tantrum but this doesn’t excuse him from what he’s done. Everyone has complained about how Stephen Harper doesn’t let his MP’s and Cabinet Ministers say what they want and he has them “on a short leash”. Well it seems like he let them off the leash for a few days and is severly regretting it. This should give him some ammo for when people start talking about the PMO censoring MP’s. All he has to say is “remember PEI airport?”

read the full rant from Rick Mercer here


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