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The Disappearing Classics

Marburg, Hirschberg 13, ist das älteste Fachwe...

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As I sit here in a modern Japanese restaurant. I wonder why this style of building and indeed, its interior is so popular. Whatever happened to the classic architecture of days past? Buildings with their own unique character that made you feel warm and welcome (or cold and unwelcome if it was so desired). What compelled someone to throw all of that away and build a glass square with some wooden squares inside for furniture? Stuff that makes you feel cold and unwelcome. I loved the classic buildings. The ones you walk in and every corner and wall has a story to tell. Every room has a unique atmosphere that let’s you know what kind of room you’re in. Ones with hidden passageways and floors made of wood. The kind of place you’d imagine Sean Connery in, sitting in a big leather chair beside a fireplace with a glass of scotch and a pipe. Why has this changed? Why?




Note: I’m in the restaurant because of the food, not the building.


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