The Next Great Invention

In my opinion, it is not the act of talking on...

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I’ve had an idea for a great gadget for your car. Its a new type of cell phone holder. I know what you’re saying, “But there are already lots of them anyways!” Well this one’s different.

This cell phone holder goes on the steering wheel of your car. It is really handy. You place the cell phone in the middle of your steering wheel, right in front of the airbag,  and then it’s in the perfect place to see who is calling when you are driving and you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to press the button for hands-free. You could even text message while you drive.

You must all be thinking how unsafe this is because we all want people to stop using their phones and driving. but there is one important part to this. It is right in front of the airbag. This means that when some dickhead tries to text and drive and has an accident, if he’s not killed, he will have a huge dent in his face in the shape of his cell phone to constantly remind him, what an ass he is.


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