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Movie A Day: Day 10

Cover of "National Lampoon's Going the Di...

Cover of National Lampoon's Going the Distance

continuing the Canadian theme for another day, today’s movie is National Lampoons: Going The Distance

This movie is not to be confused with the new movie called Going the Distance which has Justin Long and Cameron Diaz. It is a story about a boy who travels from a small island in British Columbia to Toronto in order to see his girlfriend at the Much Music Video Awards.

This is a typical road trip movie. It has fun, adventure and of course naked women. A few times. What more could you want in a movie? How about some Canadian celebrity cameo’s? Like Avril Lavigne and George Stroumboulopoulos.

This is a movie you should watch. Although it might not be a movie to buy.

Recommendation: Download (if you can find it)

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