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Improv with Improv in Toronto

Every month-ish I go to Improv in Torontos’ monthly meetup. We do some improv and plan other future Improv in Toronto events. Here are some pictures and videos from this month.

Here are the pictures

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This is a video of an improv game called “Hitchhikers”

Questions Only


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The Next EVENT!!

It’s time for the next event run by Improv in Toronto. This time it’s a MASSIVE scavenger hunt in downtown Toronto. It’s very simple. You show up on the day of the event. You will NEED (you really will) A backpack, a metropass/tokens, digital camera, and about $10 for certain tasks. It’s recommended that you wear: Durable and comfortable clothing, with running shoes. The date for this amazing event is April 24. Meet at Nathan Philips square at 3:00 pm SHARP!! Let me say that again:

Date: April 24

Time: 3:00 pm SHARP!

Where: Nathan Philips Square

Bring: A backpack, a metropass/tokens, digital camera, and about $10 for certain tasks.

Got it?


If you want to know more visit the Improv in toronto website HERE. Or RSVP to the facebook group HERE. There will also be clues given out through twitter so you might want to follow @improvintoronto

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Protest Against Protests Pt. II

I forgot to include the video in the previous post when I posted pics for this. Sorry. Here it is. Thanks to Sanjeev Gopal Acharya (Sanjuacharya) for making the video. well done.

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Protest Against Protests

I mentioned a few days ago (maybe a week, ish, I’m not really sure) that Improv in Toronto was going to be having a “protest against protests” and that I was going etc. etc. I also said that I would post some pics and stuff, well here they are.

All The Protesters


Getting the Petition signed

One last Group shot then we all went home.

See my full album here

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Not Just No Pants. This Goes Further.

*sigh* Improv Everywhere has completed another “Mission” this time they have done the “No Underwear subway Ride”. Do not confuse this with the “no pants subway ride”.No. This is something different. I suppose in a way it’s one step further then they’ve ever gone before… I really don’t know what to say about this. I guess you should just watch the video (it’s censored, don’t worry) and make your own conclusions. Comment to tell me what you think.

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Hey, if you’re in Toronto this weekend (thats April 3rd and 4th in case you couldn’t figure it out for yourself) and want to get away from your boring family or smelly couch (or smelly family and boring couch), then why don’t you come to the “Protest against protests” hosted by Improv in Toronto this saturday (thats the 3rd, keep up). It starts at 3pm. All you need to do is be at the giant horseman staue in queens park by maybe ten to three (2:50 if you can’t count backwards) and be ready to protest protests. Simple. I’ll be there taking pictures and will post some after the event. RSVP via the Facebook page (or not. I don’t care) or visit the Improv in Toronto website (<<“Improv in Toronto” is a link). SEE you there.

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