The Amazing Pocket Contents and A Screwdriver

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I found recently that I have an odd habit of putting most things in my pocket. Not shoplifting or stealing but stuff thats mine. Examples would be things like bus transfers, wrappers, recipts, and flyers. Little things that most people would throw out at the first possible opportunity.

This might sound like hoarding or some form of OCD but I assure you its not. I don’t keep these things for long. Only until I empty my pockets, which is usually when I’m going to wash the article of clothing. It still sounds weird doesn’t it? But I kind of find it interesting. Its a lot like getting incredibly drunk and then the next day looking at a camera you had with you and seeing all the pictures you took of things you can’t remember or cleaning your house/apartment and finding something from many years ago. You’d be surprised what things you forget.

Still sounding weird? But it makes a bit more sense though right?

Its not so great with everyday clotes that you wear for a day then wash but with things like coats which you might wear for a while or backpacks which you might use on many days for years can be full of stuff. I recently threw out an old backpack and before I did I went through all the pockets. I found an incredible amount of stuff. I found two packs of batteries each missing a battery, a barely used bottle of tylenol, a bubble gun, a bottle of bubble mixture, countless flyers and tickets from places and events I must have been to, and a phillips head screwdriver.

these things might seem a bit random but I remembered that I bought the bubble gun and bubbles for the bubble battle that was held in Toronto. I also bought the batteries so the bubble gun would work and the screwdriver was so I could install the batteries. This all bought back the memories from a great day I had a few years ago.

I know this is a bit of a rambling post but I recommend you try something like this. Go to your closet and look for an old backpack or an old coat, I’m sure you’ve all got one, and look in the pockets to see what you’ll find, you might just be surprised.


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