What Would Make You Riot?

Protesters clash with riot police on November ...

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After a few people destroyed Vancouver a few days ago, the question has been raised by quite a few people about what it would take for them to join a riot.

We all know the things we would definitely riot about. Things like what happened in Egypt. If I had been a citizen of Egypt, I definitely would have joined in. Anything that involves removing my basic freedoms and things like that… the list goes on.

But no one really asks themselves what kind of event would be sort of a starting point to get them to riot. Obviously anyone with any sense or an IQ higher than 10 wouldn’t riot if their hockey team lost game 7 of the stanley cup final. Most people wouldn’t riot during the G20. They will protest peacefully which is fine. It’s their right to protest. Although this is often ruined by the same dickheads (sorry, language) who smashed up Vancouver. The people who live in their parents basement because they can’t afford rent after they got fired from their minimum wage job at Wal Mart which was the best they could get because they never graduated from high school. (In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not a big fan of rioters.)

The point I’ve been dancing around is that we all would do it. But as a last resort. There is a sort of progression of objecting to something. You start with a statement on a popular social network. Then maybe write a letter or email. Then attend a protest. Then a bigger protest. Then the protest grow and grow until it all starts. Just remember that I’m talking about objecting to a serious issue. Not just anything.

Because the problem with riots is no one really knows why people are rioting. All they see is the violence.


Thanks to Gwen Styles for the idea of this post


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