Time To Be Mature

Yet again Canada is faced with another federal election. This is thanks to the fact that no one can actually decide on who should be in charge of the country. The main problem is that no one is actually going out to vote but everyone is complaining about the decisions being made. But I think I can see some of the reasons why people are not voting.

I was looking though the options in my riding (Toronto-Danforth), an area that always elects the NDP candidate, who in this case just happens to be NDP leader Jack Layton. Only a few days into the campaign there was already a sea of orange signs with Jack Laytons name on them. That’s when it hit me. The reason people are not voting is because lots of ridings are naturally leaning towards one political party. In my riding, if i wanted to vote for any other party would it really matter? It has basically already been decided that the seat will go to the NDP. So why should I vote if I support any other party?

I’ll tell you why. If everyone thought like that, no one else would ever get elected. The parliament would never change and eventually democracy would die (although if you ask some people, it already has).

This doesn’t mean that you should vote just for the sake of voting. Really think about who you’re voting for. Do a bit of research about all the political parties. Go on the internet, watch some TV, read a newspaper (they are those paper things you see people reading on the subway). During the next month pay attention to what these people are saying. When its done you can go back to killing zombies in Call of Duty and watching videos and talking to your friends on FaceTube or TwitBook.

Its time to be mature about this. No matter who you are, young, old, fat, skinny, tall, short, as long as you are Canadian, GO VOTE! This is your chance to make the country the way you want it to be. If you don’t vote then you are leaving the decision in the hands of other people.

Do you really trust others to make the right decision?


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