Movie A Day: Day 20

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Time for a heist movie: The Town

This movie is about a gang of bank robbers (including Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Slaine) from Charleston. The movie starts with the robbers hitting a bank. The robbery ends with one of the robbers grabbing a hostage (Rebecca Hall) as they leave. Some of the gang then have doubts about if she heard or saw anything that could be told to the FBI and put then in jail. So while they are planning the next job one of the gang (Ben Affleck) checks to make sure she won’t talk. But ends up falling for her.

This is a good heist film. It reminded me a bit of Public Enemies but more modern. There were some points in the movie that were a bit dull. Mainly the parts where they aren’t robbing banks.

Recommendation: BUY

Tomorrow might be Machete

Don’t forget to suggest movies. I’m going to run out some time. Tweet me at @william_penman or email


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