Movie A Day: Day 15

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One last spy comedy for this week before watching some serious ones.

Todays movie is Operation: Endgame

This movie is about a secret government organization called The Factory that does super secret government stuff. The movie starts on the forst day of the agent named Fool (Joe Anderson). You find out that the organization is divided into two teams, Alpha and Omega, who are constantly in competition. Then the boss of the organiation, codename Devil (Jeffrey Tambor) is killed, but before he died he intitated Operation Countdown which locked everyone in the building and set it to explode. The competing teams then fight each other and the clock to find a way out.

I was disappointed by this movie. It was a bit crap. Its good for a few laughs but to be honest there are so many better movies. The actors were alright, the plot was basic, it was a cheap movie that shouldn’t be watched unless you have nothing else to watch.

Recommendation: Don’t (download if you have nothing else to watch)

Tomorrow will be The International


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