Movie A Day: Day 14

Get Smart (film)

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Second in spy week is Get Smart

This is a movie of a classic spy series. The movie stars Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart who is a great intelligence analyst but when he’s in the field is completely useless. After an attack on the headquarters of CONTROL Smart is promoted to an agent and with Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), who is more competent then him, is sent to stop the organization KAOS and the leader Seigfried (Terrence Stamp).

This movie has a similar plot to Johnny English and maybe that’s why I like it. I mentioned a few days ago that I liked Steve Carell as an actor and this just proves my point more. This is a hilarious movie and if you liked the original Get Smart then you’ll like this. If you never saw the TV series then you will still like this movie. It’s great.

Recommendation: Buy

Tomorrows spy movie will be Operation: Endgame


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