Movie A Day: Day 11

Dinner for Schmucks

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Todays movie is Dinner For Schmucks

This movie is about Tim (Paul Rudd) who desperately wants to get a promotion at work. When he has a great idea that will get his company a new client (David Walliams) he gets his chance. All he has to do is go to a dinner his boss (Bruce Greenwood) is having where each guest brings a person with them who has a special “talent” (they have to be an idiot). Tim has no idea where to find a person like this, until one day he accidentally hits Barry (Steve Carell) with his car. Barry likes to make dioramas with dead mice. He’s perfect for the dinner. Tim also has another problem. His girlfriend (Stephanie Szostak) doesn’t want him to go to the dinner. He also thinks she is cheating on him with an artist she is working with (Jermaine Clement).

Steve Carell always plays a great idiot. Whenever I see a movie that he’s in, he always steals the show. This movie is no different. Although I’m not a big fan of Paul Rudd I think he did alright in this movie. I find that he always plays the straight man who loses everything because of the “idiot” and then ends up getting everything back.

This movie is quite a good movie. I wouldn’t say it’s great but it isn’t bad.

Recommendation: Download or Buy

Tomorrow’s movie will be The Social Network

If you want to suggest movies for me to watch then send me a tweet at @william_penman or email


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