Movie A Day: Day 9

Cover of "Men with Brooms"

Cover of Men with Brooms

I said I was going to watch The American but I couldn’t get a copy in time so I decided to stay with some Canadian movies and watch Men With Brooms.

Men With Brooms is a movie that is everything Canadian. Well, everything people think is Canadian. It is a story about a group of men from a small Ontario town. The four men (Paul Gross, James Allodi, Peter Outerbridge, Jed Rees) used to be curling legends in the town but split up. They are then reunited when their old coach dies. His last wish was for them to get back together and win the Golden Broom (a curling prize). The rest you can fill in for yourself.

This is a great movie to have if you need a movie to sit and watch when theres nothing else on TV. Its the movie that sits in your collection and is occasionally aired out and watched at least once a year. The story is simple. The humour is great. The actors are Canadian. Watch this movie at least once.

Recommendation: Buy

the American is on hold until i can get a copy. Tomorrow will be a surprise.

If you have any movie suggestions send them to me on twitter @william_penman or email


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