Movie A Day: Day 7

Cover of "Fido"

Cover of Fido

I thought I’d watch a comedy today so I watched Fido

This movie is about the Robinsons, a family living in a time after a cloud of dust came down from space and turned the dead into zombies. A company called Zomcon developed a collar that domesticated the zombies and allowed people to have them as servants or pets. The Robinsons get a zombie which they name Fido (Billy Connolly). One day Fido’s collar stops working properly and he eats an old lady who turns into a zombie and infects other people, who infect other people… well, you get the idea. The Robinsons then do what they can so they can keep Fido.

This is a good sunday afternoon movie. Something you watch with your family. Billy Connolly played a great zombie. If you ever see him do stand-up you will notice some of his mannerisms in Fido.

Recommendation: Buy or watch on tv

Not sure what will be watched tomorrow. Perhaps Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.


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