Movie A Day: Day 6

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Finishing off Tarantino week is Death Proof

I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching this movie. It started off with three women (Jordan Ladd, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Vanessa Ferlito) going out for a night on the town before going to a lodge on a lake for the weekend. This lasts for the first 40 minutes of the movie. Its basically them talking about sex and going “WOOOOO!” very loudly and drinking lots of alcohol (served by Warren the bartender, played by Quentin Tarantino). It was quite boring. Then it starts to get better when they meet Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who drives a car that is “Death Proof” (its all explained for you in the movie) which he uses to kill people.

This movie is really slow at the start but has its moments of action. It is a sort of “arty” movie, using different types of shots and visual effects (although its not too arty. you want to see a really “arty” movie then you should watch Play Time).

There is one great moment when Abernathy (Rosario Dawson) is in the store and her cell phone rings. The ringtone is a song that the bride hears being whistled in the hospital in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Obviously one of Quentin Tarantino’s little jokes.

Its difficult to recommend this movie. It really depends on the person watching.

Recommendation: Download (Actually download it. Perhaps rent it. I’m not going to recommend you buy it but some people might like it)
Day 7 might be Fido if i can get a copy.


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