Movie A Day: Day 5

Kill Bill

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Time to finish what was started yesterday. Today’s movie was Kill Bill: Vol. 2

This movie was mostly what a sequel should be. The movie starts with a brief review of part one and then starts with the rest of the story of the bride trying to kill bill. It elaborates plot points that were mentioned (mainly the wedding day massacre) in the first part and finishes the rest of the story being told. There is plenty of action and special effects. Things that are essential in this movie.

There are a few things that need to be improved. Mainly the second half of the movie. After a certain point (I won’t go into detail in case you haven’t watched it) the story slows down considerably and it gets kind of boring. There was even one point that I wanted to stop watching but I found that I wanted to know what happened so I stuck with it and watched the end.

If you liked Kill Bill: Vol. 1 then you will like most of Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Recommendation: BUY (If you saw and liked vol. 1. Although you probably bought them together)

Day 6 will be the final Tarantino movie: Death Proof


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