Movie A Day: Day 1

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I’m starting the year with a Quentin Tarantino marathon. The first movie I watched was Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir Dogs is about a group of thieves who are involved in a robbery of a jewelry store, but someone in the gang told the police about the heist and the police show up right in the middle of it. The gang then tries to find out who told the police about the heist. This leads to shouting and gunshots. A typical Tarantino movie with plenty of violence.

The movie has quite a few big names including Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, and even Quetin Tarantino has a character. There is a very small cast and it kind of reminded me of Twelve Angry Men because you don’t actually see the heist but you see all the consequences after, and the only characters are the gang members, with a few extras in the background and a couple of characters with one line (A policeman yells “STOP” at one point).

I recommend this movie to anyone who likes gangster movies, violent movies, or Tarantino movies. Although if you like Tarantino movies then you’ve probably already seen this movie.


Just to explain. I will rate movies at the end of each article in one of three ways: BUY, DOWNLOAD, DON’T. “BUY” means its a good movie and should be in your collection. “DOWNLOAD” means don’t spend a lot of money on this, get it on sale, in a bargain bin, or just download it. “DON’T” means I didn’t like it.


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