It’s Amazing What Makes The News Today

Toronto Sun

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Today I was reading the Toronto Sun and I was amazed to see what was on the front page. Well, I wasn’t actually reading it, I picked it up after someone left it on the subway. Alright, i glanced at the front page while walking past the rack of newspapers in Shoppers Drug Mart. Anyways. The cover story was about how a librarian at Ryerson University took photos of strippers from the window of the library while they were having a smoke break on the roof of a local strip club.

I think this sort of behavior from strippers is awful. Hanging around in lingerie in public where people can take pictures of them for free. Or where minors can see them and be corrupted by the image of a half naked woman. I mean….

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I don’t give a shit.

I can’t believe this even became news in a newspaper never mind making it on to the front page. So what, the strippers hang out on the roof of the strip club during their break? I don’t care. I’m sure most of the people looking out the window at them don’t care either. Years ago this would have been the kind of thing that students would pass around as a secret. Sort of like “psst, if you look out of the window in the library you can see the strippers on their break. For free.” That would be it. Chances are that no one in authority would ever find out and nothing would be done about it. Nowadays though, people are so sensitive about indecency but what the Toronto Sun seems to have forgotten it that the people using the library where you can see the strippers are university students who are all old enough to go into the strip club anyways (or almost old enough).

I would just like to remind the Sun that they print a picture of a half naked woman every day (the sunshine girl) so before they start talking about what is indecent they should really think carefully about what they are printing.


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