How Is This Different?

Look, it's his mugshot

Brace yourselves because this is going to come as a shock. Are you ready? There has been another political scandal. I know. I was shocked too.

This week it’s Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford. It has come to light that he has a criminal past. You’re all probably thinking “Oh, it’s just something small and insignificant” but it isn’t really. According to his record he has a DUI and drug charges. He has also been heard making anti-immigration comments. It’s not been a good few weeks for him. Ford sayt that he is still going to continue his campaign to become Toronto’s new mayor.

I’ve been wondering why he is continuing this campaign. I am also comparing this to the ending of Adam Giambrone’s campaign. I am also wondering why no one has “advised” Ford to bow out of the mayors race. Compare both the issues. Ford did drugs, drove while drunk and said some inappropriate things about immigrants. Giambrone had sex with a woman that wasn’t his wife.

You can see the similarities.

Can’t you?


If Giambrone hadn’t left the race he would be on my list of people I might vote for. I’ve met him and he seems like a nice person. I don’t see why he had to leave because of what he did. Bill Clinton didn’t have to leave the presidency because of a similar incident. Neither did David Letterman. I know he’s not a politician but you get the idea.


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  1. #1 by E. Russon on August 23, 2010 - 22:46

    Let me put it to you this way. Mr. Giambrone was using a taxpayer funded office for his liaisons plus he lied until more women came forward with stories about his extra-curricular activities, and he was also doing a chick ten years younger and barely legal. On top of that he had a live-in partner who he lied to as well.

    As for Rob Ford. Drinking a couple of litres of wine with the wife and then driving is not a good idea. I can’t condone that. However it was ten years ago and yes, he tried to cover it up, also not a good idea. Saying that, Smitherman has had a lot of things covered up because the press favours Liberal candidates. Did you know that Smitherman brushed off the fact that 200 + people died of C Difficile under his watch? Meanwhile, the press continues to go after the Feds for 30 deaths involving E Coli. Smitherman was involved in sole source contracts for both eHealth and the Samsung Windmills which did not need to be sole source and which have caused the province untold amounts of money. Smitherman was also involved in our latest little fiasco with Stewardship Ontario. However, Teflon-man continues to walk away from his disasters leaving others to fall on their swords (Caplan). The mayor of Toronto position is his little thank you from McGuinty for being such a great guy! And McGuinty is providing all kinds of support towards the campaign.

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