The Essence of Racism

While listening to Q on CBC radio today there was a debate about the hiring of a white woman as fashion director at Essence Magazine. A magazine for black (african-american if you want) women. The debate was between two women who read the magazine. One didn’t think that a white woman should have this position and that she should be fired and replaced with a black woman. The other said she didn’t mind as long as the white woman did a good job. In other words she defended her.

I have to side with the woman who is defending the new fashion director. Essence Magazine obviously had a reason for not hiring a black woman as fashion director and it isn’t racist or discrimination to hire a white woman. At least it wasn’t last time I checked. If Essence Magazine had wanted a black woman as fashion director then they would have hired one. The woman who wants her fired is completely out of line, in fact she is the one who is racist. There is very little outcry over the fact that the new fashion director is white and from what I heard she is doing a good job. There is no reason to fire her. If she was fired simply to replace her with a black woman there would be a line of lawyers wanting to represent her in a lawsuit.

The woman who doesn’t want the fashion director to be white can either like it or go read another magazine. Either way for the time being she isn’t going anywhere.

To read more and see what others have to say visit the Q article and read some of the comments


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