All These Mistakes Are Good For Everyone Else

Incase you’ve been living under a rock there is a big oil spill in the gulf of mexico. this has been caused by a leaking oil well owned by British Petroleum (BP). It’s taken months to cover it so it stops leaking and then they can clean it up. Its a big deal.

This has to be a good opportunity for other oil companies to make a small mistake. Maybe there is an oil rig somewhere that has a tiny leak that really should be looked at. It would be great if it burst and that company could start their emergency procedures and quickly clean it up. Then people would say “wow they really know what they are doing. They sure are better than BP”. There was an oil tanker that recently ran aground (in the St. Laurence I think) because of rough weather. It was cleaned up quickly and no one has even really heard of it. When i heard of it all i could think of was that they HAD done a better job then BP.

So all you oil companies out there, go have a spill in the ocean. As long as you can clean it up quicker than BP you will be fine.


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