The Great Canadian Inquest

The Inquest. Also known as an inquiry. Something that Canadians are used to hearing about. They cost lots of money and solve nothing. In Canada we have inquests for everything. When $10 million goes missing, the government spends $50 million on an inquiry to see who got the $10 million. Then five years later they finally find out and they say “pay it back” with no way of enforcing the ruling or findings.

Now people are calling for an inquest into police tactics during G20. Well, I say people, really they are just human rights groups who scream and shout any time a large number of people are arrested, and people who just generally hate the police (most of them were arrested during the G20). The funniest people are those who want an inquiry into all the money spent. Great, as if we haven’t spent enough money already.

There is a way to make all these people happy. Create “inquiry panels” (it’s a rough name. Feel free to change it) of people from “the street”. Sort of like jury duty. Ask them what they think an then let them vote on it. Maybe let the two sides make statements and submit “evidence” which would just be bits of paper and pictures. This would take a day an then this “jury” would take all the bits of papers and deliberates for a few days and says what they think. This would save so much time and money and most people would be happy.

Or you could just set up an online poll and have people vote on it.

The thing is we can’t keep having inquiries. Why can’t people just be happy with the way events happen. Anyone who does anything bad is usually punished properly anyways. In the case of the G20 they can forget an inquiry because there was only two ways to deal with it and the other involved more burning police cars and people getting hurt.


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  1. #1 by E. Russon on July 8, 2010 - 20:51

    They keep having inquiries because nobody wants to bring down the government but they want to agitate anyway. It’s the coward’s way of doing business. The same reason the Senate is picking apart the omnibus bill. The Liberals don’t want to provoke an election because they will lose more seats to the NDP but they don’t like the bill. They pass it in the House but rely on the unelected Senate to dissect it. That way it doesn’t become a confidence matter and they don’t have to go to the polls. They are having an inquiry on the G20 hoping to pin it on Harper hoping in the mean time that it doesn’t spill over onto the provincial Liberals or the municipal NDP.

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