Where’s My Pride?

First, congratulations to all the people who go out and march in the pride parade. Its only taken 30 years for people to stop hating and trying to kill you because they don’t like or believe in homosexuals. The thing I want to know is where is straight pride. We have become so caught up in supporting gays, lesbians, and every other type of sexuality that we have forgotten about straight people. I understand that it is a weird concept but everyone else gets parades and celebrations so why don’t straight people? I’m not saying cancel all the other celebrations. I think it’s great that these people are proud of their sexuality and can stand up and say that they are gay. Well done. But it has become politically incorrect to celebrate the fact that you are straight.

Next year there should be a straight pride parade. The gay pride parade in my opinion is just men and women, many of them dressed in clothes that could be considered indecent by some, showing off their homosexuality. The straight pride parade should be the same thing but with women dressed like women, men dressed like men, basically the same thing but anything considered “gay” is not included and things considered “straight” are included. It would be gay pride without the gay.

And no one can complain. after all, everyone is all for diversity. aren’t you?


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