The Decline of The TTC

This should probably be an update on the post about complaints to the TTC but I think that this warrants a new post.

This and similar things have happened to me quite a lot. (From the blog Toronto Transit Concerns)

Getting on the late 224 Victoria Park Bus, I was unknowingly face to face with my least favorite type of bus driver: the Sunday stroller.

Arriving several minutes late, this older gentleman must have thought it was Sunday. Taking extra long stops when there was no one to pick up, he was enjoying the morning Metro paper. Glancing up every so often, he would realize that there were cars behind him, or that there was a huge gap between him and the car in front of him. And then again, he would get lost in the stories of the paper, and lose track of the flow of traffic.

Seconds stalled turned into minutes, and suddenly a 7 minute bus ride turned into a 20 minute Sunday stroll. And it wasn’t even Sunday!

I rang the bell at Parkway Forest Drive, just outside of Don Mills Station. I got up and walked to the front of the bus,  but the driver was engaged in his paper. The cars ahead headed through the now green light, and I prayed silently he would notice. Just as the countdown was going on he looked up and pulled the bus into Drive, and I felt like yelling for joy.

But that joy quickly turned into panic when he passed my stop. I told him I wanted off.

“Oh” he pulled over, several meters from the stop, slowed down to a stop and opened the door.

This happens quite a lot. And not always when there is only me on the bus. Actually it happens quite a lot when the driver is in a hurry and doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. This has even happened when quite a few people want off the bus, usually the back door, and ends up with everyone yelling at the driver. Many of them have made innocent mistakes but more than a few times he or she has looked at us like we’re the ones inconveniencing them.


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