Just Score Already

I’ve been watching the world cup as I’m sure most of you have too and I’ve become really bored with most of it. It seems that all has happened so far is that lots of good teams have ties some not so good teams, teams that would normally be knocked out in the first round have been holding their own and Germany flattened Australia 4-0. Just draws and slow games. It is getting very boring. So far the only exciting part was the last 15 minutes of the Cameroon vs. Japan game. That was a nail biter. I’m getting to the point that I might not watch any games that don’t have my team in them.

I of course am cheering for England and its not looking good since the 1-1 draw with the U.S. which I didn’t get to see (I’m so mad, I heard it was good). Canada didn’t qualify (big surprise..) because let’s face it, we’re not very good. Don’t get me wrong though, Canadians are big fans of Football (don’t call it soccer) we just can’t seem to get enough actual players together in order to make a good team. So for now I will be cheering for England. At least until Canada gets a team that gets past qualifying.



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