Do These People Not Have Jobs?

Before I start I would like to say that I am all for the right to protest and free speech etc. etc. But only within reason.

Today during a news conference outside the convention center a group of protestors showed up protesting the fence being erected around part of the downtown core for the G20 summit.

Here’s the thing. I can understand people protesting during G20. I mean the government has already spent a billion dollars so I expect them to get their money’s worth. These people are protesting the fence and security provisions. Saying stuff like “it’s capitalist oppression” and crap like that. Don’t these people have jobs or something? How can they constantly show up to protest mundane things like fences? I could understand if they said that the were protesting G20 or something like that but a FENCE?!? just when you thought it couldn’t get any stupider…


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  1. #1 by E. Russon on June 10, 2010 - 20:54

    Uh, no they don’t have jobs. That is their job. Do you ever wonder how anarchists can fly all around the world to protest? They probably collect welfare and live in their mom’s basement.

    • #2 by willpenman on June 11, 2010 - 12:03

      Haha. That’s most likely true but tickets to places all over the world cost a lot of money. surely welfare doesn’t give them that much money.

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