Deterrents are the First Step to Prevention

Yesterday I was watching the news. I won’t say which one (It was Global News) and a man being interviewed about what he thought about the G20 security features said “I think the government is spending more money on showing off their power than actually trying to prevent trouble”. I haven’t put that in proper quotes because I’m not 100% sure about the exact words.

This man is completely crazy. Of course the police are going to show off their power. That is the first step to preventing trouble during the G20. Quite a few people will decide not to go to protests or riots because they are thinking “Oh no. They have a sound cannon and thousands of police officers to arrest me.” This is first step to deterrents. Intimidation. Police officers intimidate the public all the time. Thats why they carry a gun. I’m sure many people don’t commit crimes because they are afraid of being shot by a police officer. This goes even deeper than someone carrying a gun. Why do police officers wear blue or black. Blue is supposed to subconsciously convince you the person is truthful and trustworthy (a good thing in a police officer) and black is… well… black. It would look kind of odd if police officers wore pink or purple. Protestors would turn up just to laugh at the police. I know I would. they would have to change the name from “the thin blue line” to the “thin magenta line”. I can just imagine the news reports “… and then a wave of magenta attacked the protestors…” The news reader would have such a hard time trying not to laugh.

So to this man I say “shut up!”. Sure the government has spent a billion dollars on security and they are spending a bit of money to show off their tools and weapons but it’s all helping PREVENT or DETER protestors. It’s not a complete waste of money.


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