Subway Dance Party 3(?)

At least I think it’s number 3. Anyways, here’s what the blog Toronto Happens has to say about it.

Date: June 5th

Time: 3pm

Location: King and Bay

Cost: Free

What they have to say:

Everyone is invited to participate in Improv In Toronto’s 4th Annual Subway Dance Party.
This is a silent dance party on a subway. All participants come with their OWN MUSIC, on an ipod or mp3 player. We will get on the subway and one by one start dancing, until the whole train is dancing. And yet seemingly to no music

Last summer’s Subway Dance Party:

Requirments For Participation:
1) Willing to dance on the subway
2) Pretend you don’t know what’s going on
3) Have fun

What we have to say:

Being one of the people who runs this event, gives me somewhat of a biased opinion. But with that said, I wholeheartedly suggest you make your way out for this one. It’s a chance to let loose, and do something you would never do on any other day. One day a year to do something embarrassing, but at the time it doesn’t matter, because everyone else is dancing too!

I recommend Toronto Happens if you want to know about some of the best free and cheap events that are happening in Toronto.


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