Let the Chaos Begin

Ah, it’s time for the G8 and G20. A time when the leaders of the top 8 nations (and 20 nations) in the world come together and incite some giant riots in whatever city they happen to be meeting in. This time they are meeting in Canada. The G8 is going to be in Huntsville and the G20 is going to be in downtown Toronto. This means that there will be MASSIVE riots in Huntsville for the couple of days that the G8 are meeting and even bigger riots in Toronto for G20 and about a week before because half of the protestors don’t know where Huntsville is. Obviously many people haven’t heard of Google maps of asking for directions.

It seems like the Canadian government hasn’t thought this through enough yet. They have already spent a billion dollars on the G8 and G20 which is apparently the most any nation has ever spent on these meetings (something like 30 times more) and so far all anyone has seen is a fence surrounding the resort in Huntsville and now the removal of many items in downtown Toronto such as Mailboxes and Benches. All items deemed a “threat” to the meetings. You know, all those times you’ve been attacked by a newspaper. All that seems to be happening is things are disappearing.

Now they tell us that thousands of protesters are going to be showing up and that all the damage done by them will not be paid for by the government. Wait. Didn’t they just spend a BILLION dollars to prevent damage? Oh no, that’s right, they only spent the money to prevent harm to the leaders. Isn’t it bad enough that we have to pay an outrageous amount of money for the security of others? Now we also have to pay to fix the damage that has been all but created because of them?

Now there is the problem in Gaza with the aid ship that was stopped by Israeli ships who ended up killing some activists who were on the boat. Now they are all protesting in downtown Toronto also. The fun just doesn’t stop. Fingers crossed that they stay peaceful until at least G8/20 or maybe they could just go protest somewhere else. I see this ending up a lot like the Tamil protests last year.

So, let the chaos begin. It’s a political bloggers dream. I personally will be observing the whole thing from the safety of my house with my TV and gas mask on.


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