Aid Groups Advised to “Shut the F–k Up”

Where does Stephen Harper find them? I think this might just encourage people to push for allowing Canadian senators to be elected instead of appointed by the Prime Minister. Senator Nancy Ruth has been heard to have said “Shut the F–k up” to an aid group asking about abortion

“We’ve got five weeks or whatever left until G-8 starts. Shut the f— up on this issue,” Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth told a group of international-development advocates who gathered on Parliament Hill on Monday to sound the alarm about Canada’s hard-right stand against abortion in foreign aid.

“If you push it, there will be more backlash,” said Ruth, who fears that outrage will push her boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to take further measures against abortion and family planning – abroad, or maybe even in Canada. “This is now a political football. This is not about women’s health in this country.”

Ruth’s remarks, intended more as friendly advice than a warning, were met with gasps of disbelief and even anger among the approximately 80 aid representatives who converged on Parliament Hill to condemn what they see as a gathering storm against women’s rights in Canadian aid policy.

Ruth explained that she attends Conservative caucus, understands the current political dynamics and is sympathetic to the cause of women upset by the anti-abortion announcement – “I just want them to be quiet for five weeks,” she told reporters. But few of the advocates appeared inclined to take her counsel.

The response to these remarks went something like this

“We have shut the f— up. That’ s the issue here,” said Joanna Kerr, the newly named chief executive of Action Aid International, based in South Africa.

“I don’t remember any women’s rights ever gained by staying silent,” she said.

I completely agree with these women. The whole reason things get passed over in the House of Commons is because people don’t push them forward and keep them in public view. If people “Shut the F–k up” then its like taking a rest in a marathon. You have to keep going because if you stop then you might not get started again.

Nancy Ruth has given her reasons for making the comment,

Ruth is convinced that the final communiqué of the G8 meeting in Canada in June will include a mention of this country’s support for family planning, but fears that ongoing furor over abortion could harden the Conservative government’s stand even more. And just as her Conservative colleagues have warned repeatedly, she said that Canada does not need a reopened abortion debate.

“I hope I’m not proven wrong but I have every confidence that it (the communiqué) will include family planning,” Ruth said. “Canada is still a country with free and accessible abortion. Leave it there. Don’t make it into an election issue.”

Basically she means that G8 is going to swoop in and fix everything.

Now you must ask why have aid groups been slightly more outraged than usual. Well it all leads back to our Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Harper’s announced ban on abortion in foreign-aid programs is an echo of a similar ban that former president George W. Bush also enacted during his eight years in office.

Fantastic. Now we’re taking ideas from George W. Bush. It just gets better and better.

Finally, Anita Neville, who was in the house when the comment was made, explained what was really meant in language that most of us can understand. She said,

“I think women have been told too often to be quiet, be good and then you’ll get what you want. I think that she was saying don’t push the issue or you’ll get the Prime Minister’s back up even further and you won’t get what you want,”

I think this just makes sense now. Why on earth didn’t the senator just say that? Maybe then there wouldn’t be all this trouble. After this comment, abortion is going to be a big topic up to G8. Completely the opposite effect that the senator wanted.


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  1. #1 by E. Russon on May 15, 2010 - 09:41

    Good Luck on your studies. You will note what Nancy Ruth was talking about..the Pro-Life crazies now want to open the abortion debate in Canada. Let’s hope somebody can stuff this genie back in the bottle.

  2. #2 by Meghan Burns on May 6, 2010 - 14:00


  3. #3 by Meghan Burns on May 6, 2010 - 13:59


  4. #4 by E. Russon on May 5, 2010 - 20:51

    If you dig a little deeper you will find that Nancy Ruth was appointed by Paul Martin. Stephen Harper didn’t find her at all, she was inherited.

    • #5 by willpenman on May 6, 2010 - 13:55

      It seems that many “anti-conservative” news sources have conveniently neglected to mention this. Of course it still doesn’t excuse what she said.

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