Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Halo 2. Or Does It?

Microsoft has shut down the servers for Halo 2. Or so they thought. Some of the players found out that if they didn’t disconnect from the server then they can continue playing. A recent count had the number of players down to 14. A Bungie forums post said,

Throughout the past week, a small group of dedicated Halo 2 players kept their Xbox’s on so that they could enjoy the game for a while longer. (As long as we don’t turn off our Xbox’s, or lose connection, we can stay online. Our Xbox’s have been on for nearly 12 days straight) Each day the amount of people decreased, at a rapid rate.

A lot of us became really good friends, and it’s almost like we’re family now.
For a while, we had ‘T0 Be Continued’ Live streaming all of our games, until her Xbox regrettably froze while playing custom games. Then, ‘Mr7ankjump’ did a live stream, but he lagged out only 4 hours later.

All I can say is that this takes a lot of dedication to the game adn why haven’t you upgraded to Halo 3 yet?


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  1. #1 by limewire on April 30, 2010 - 02:09

    shoot fun stuff man.

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