You Know Your Election Hopes Are Low When…

You know you’re probably not going to be elected to parliament when you get sued by a food company for using one of their products in an ad. This is exactly what happend to the BNP in England according to Daily Expresso,

Unilever, the maker of Marmite, has threatened legal action against the British National Party to stop it from using a jar of the spread in a party broadcast.

Unilever said it had not given the BNP permission to use its product and clearly doesn’t want its brand to be associated with a political party widely reputed to be a racist organisation.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has a reputation as a holocaust denier and last year, in a BBC interview, suggested that European navies should be used to destroy refugee boats off the northern coast of Africa in order to prevent them claiming asylum within the EU.

The BNP’s broadcast has been removed from their official website, but it can still be seen on YouTube.

In an official statement Mr Griffin went said that the Marmite jar had been added in reaction to a recent advertising campaign for Marmite which he said mocked the BNP.

The Marmite advert he referred to featured two spoof political parties, the ‘Love Party’ and the ‘Hate Party’ – an obvious reference to the Marmite catchphase “you’ll either love it or hate it”.

The BNP claims the Hate Party was “clearly based” on itself.

This clearly will not help the BNP numbers with the Marmite lovers.


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