Wet iPhone = Class Action Lawsuit

SFWeekly Posts,

A San Francisco woman is suing Apple, Inc. in a class action suit filed in U.S. District Court,  alleging that the company refuses to honor the phone’s warranty by telling her the phone’s “liquid submersion indicator” showed the phone had been dunked in water when it hadn’t.

Charlene Gallion bought a iPhone 3G from an Apple store in Corte Madera in 2008 and it broke down six months later. When she took it into the shop, the customer service rep said the liquid submersion inidicator had been activated, indicating it had been exposed to a “significant” amount of liquid. The store refused to honor the warranty that covers “normal use” for a year, and offered a discounted price to replace it. Gallion bought the second phone, but six months later, it started malfunctioning as well. Taking it into the shop, the rep again told her that the submersion indicator was activated, and refused to refund it. Gallion bought a third phone.

Other people have figured out that iPhones and water do not mix. There’s a plethora of advice on the internet about how to get your phone working again should it get the Wicked Witch of the West treatment and there’s even a guy explaining how to con Apple and get a cheap upgrade by intentionally throwing your phone in water.

But the lawsuit alleges that Apple knows that the indicator can be triggered by other things such as humidity or cold weather.

“It’s overly sensitive or perhaps defective,” says Kim Krawolec, a San Francisco-based attorney representing Gallion. “It’s designed to detect if its been submerged in water. It shouldn’t go off when it’s in your sweaty hand.”

The suit charges fraud and unfair business practices and asks for Apple to honor its warranty and fork over punitive damages.

I’m fairly certain that even if the submersion indicator was broken it would still require a significant amount of moisture to activate it. You would have to have incredibly sweaty hands in order to make your iPhone Malfunction. Also, why would she buy THREE phones? I can understand the second because maybe you just got a defective one but THREE?!?! After the second I would have got a blackberry instead. I’m suspecting that this might just be a con to smear Apple’s so far almost immaculate image (Almost immaculate, I haven’t forgotten the iPhone leak yet).


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