Proof of Time Travel (?)

This is a picture from a Canadian Museum that just might prove time travel is possible.

An article from Gizmodo explains

When you look at most of the two dozen or so people in this photograph, which belongs to a Canadian museum, there’s no doubt that they’re from 1940, the year in which it was taken. But what about that guy?

Those funky sunglasses? That stamped t-shirt and hippie shawl? The doofy, disinterested expression? He sure as hell doesn’t look like any Roosevelt-era bro I have ever seen. Maybe that’s just it—he looks like a “bro,” which we all know didn’t come into existence until the 1970s, at the earliest.

[…] an extensive analysis of the photo and the mystery man, and, with some help from members of ATS, points out that no single item of his wardrobe is technically out of period.

But his entire essence, especially in contrast to the sea of fedoras and 1940s enthusiasm around him, screams that he’s from another era entirely. Sorry, time travel bro, you’ve been spotted.


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