Twitter Bringing History to Life

This is a great use of twitter. The Imperial War Museum in England is turning the Operations Record Book of RAF(Royal Air Force) base Duxford (thats in England also) into a twitter stream to mark the 70th anniversary of the battle of Britain.

The museum will tweet on what was happening in 1940 at the fighter base at RAF Duxford, Cambridgeshire, at the exact time and date seven decades on.

The material will be drawn from its Operations Record Book, which was a daily record of events at the station.

The museum said the social networking initiative would give a “direct insight” into the World War II battle.

Every squadron, station and certain other units in the Royal Air Force had to complete an Operations Record Book, known as a Form 540.

Those for RAF Duxford and No 19 Squadron from 1940 show events such as patrols over Dunkirk, the problems encountered with early cannon-armed Spitfires, and the arrival of Czech pilots to form 310 Squadron.

They describe the sorties carried out by No 19 Squadron and pilots’ experiences during dogfights over south-east England.

I think this is a great way to turn a mind numbingly addictive piece of social networking technology into a historical learning tool.

Wow that made me sound too much like a teacher or parent. Weird.

Follow @RAFDuxford to read the tweets.

Thanks to Nicholas Russon at quotulatiousness for making me aware of this.


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