the Invention of #twitterchallenge

Yesterday an idea of epic proportions was put into action (or inaction depending on how you look at it). There was a challenge issued over Twitter. This challenge was between myself (@william_penman) and Mr. Brian Baine (@briguy100). The challenge was that I would catch up to Mr. Baine in the number of tweets tweeted (take a second and read it again. got it? good. I’ll continue). And so the hash-tag (it’s a twitter thing) #twitterchallenge was developed. A twitter challenge is any sort of twitter related challenge that takes place on twitter. An example would be if I challenged you to send 200 tweets in an hour. You would then add #twitterchallenge to all of those tweets so that people would know whats going on. I now want you to go on to twitter and issue a twitter challenge to someone (it’s going to be me isn’t it?… yep). That is my twitter challenge to you.


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