My Spam Filter is an Idiot

This comment showed up in my spam queue a few days ago.  The spam queue is for comments that the spam filter isn’t sure is spam so it doesn’t automatically delete them, it lets me decide if it’s spam or not.

what a great site and informative posts, I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

established franchises for sale

This really makes me laugh. It’s so obviously spam. How do I know? What a stupid question. This blog is neither great of informative and anyone who bookmarks it for that reason really should rethink their definition of both. Then of course there is the link on the end which obviously is a crappy ad posted in the hope of getting some cheap publicity or spamming you and me. Now i know what you’re thinking (no I don’t). You’re wondering why it is still a link? Well I have changed the link and made it link to the homepage of this blog in order to leave the origional appearance of the comment. If i get any more comments like this i will definitely post them and share them with you all (all three of you). If you have a blog and have any funny spam comments like this feel free to post them in the comments here or send me a link if you’ve written a post like me.


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