What? Again?

A while back in a post titled “MP’s Getting Out of Hand” I mentioned the events that happened with junior cabinet minister Helena Geurgis at an airport in PEI. Well she’s back in the news again. This time some of her aides (secretaries and people like that) have apparently been sending letters and phoning in on radio shows and telling everyone how great Geurgis is. Of course Geurgis denies all knowledge of this and is removing herself from all blame but many people are suggesting (they’re saying it. let’s be honest) that she has in fact set this up herself in order to make herself look better in light of what happened in PEI and with the recent charges against her husband, conservative MP Rahim Jaffer who was recently charged with DUI, careless driving and possession of cocaine (unfortunately he was only found guilty of careless driving all other charges were dropped). I’m wondering why Geurgis is still a junior cabinet minister. I mean I know Stephen Harper isn’t the brightest or most energy-efficient lightbulb in the store but honestly isn’t it time he did more than draft a letter of apology for her?

This is what happens every time an MP or cabinet minister throws a shit fit. Stephen Harper calls a press conference and walks out and says “(name of MP/cabinet minister) has issued an apology to all those affected by the incident and steps have been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again”. He then proceeds to throw out some crap about helping the environment and makes a few promises that he keeps hidden in a drawer in his desk under the keys to 24 Sussex, which he has saved for a moment precisely like this. He thinks the last bit cancels out the first and goes on his way as happy as larry on morphine (however happy larry is). Meanwhile the PMO tries to make sure the promise from the desk drawer with the keys makes the headlines and the MP/cabinet minister gets bumped to page 6. That way it seems like we get a tax cut on something most of us will never buy and those of us that do buy it will simply throw it in a box with the most recent letter from Helena Geurgis.


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  1. #1 by E. Russon on April 24, 2010 - 09:49

    If you want to get into conspiracy theories – here’s a good one. Frank Graves has just been outed by the CBC as advocating a culture war to improve the Liberal Party fortunes. He also confessed to donating $11,000 to the Liberal Party and is the CBC chief pollster. The math looks like this Liberal Party = Frank Graves = Ekos = CBC. The main stream media are trying desperately to brush this one under the carpet. However, another interesting article appeared in the Windsor Star on Feb 6, 2010. Apparently Ekos was given 37,000 names of people on the gun registry for a customer service survey. It begs the question – did Frank hand this information over to the Liberals. Which begs the second question – how are our political parties using polling firms – is it for strictly benign reasons or is private information being passed on to said political parties? The enquiring public wants to know.

  2. #2 by willpenman on April 16, 2010 - 14:14

    I completely agree that this is getting out of hand. An article in the star today cried scandal again because while promoting a green technology company Geurgis forgot to mention her husband was one of the owners. It seems like no one knows when to stop. Personally i’m bored of this whole thing now. time to move on.

  3. #3 by E. Russon on April 13, 2010 - 17:14

    Try reading the comments section in the Globe and Mail. There is more than Helena having her staff write pieces for her. I am sure parties have paid bloggers sit on the sites. That was a non story and notice it was dropped rather fast. As for Mr. Jaffer and Ms. Geurgis, there has been no charges as yet and if they are exonerated,they could have the right to sue the pants off anyone who has called their reputations into question. I believe Mr. Jaffer is already suing the Star.

    • #4 by willpenman on April 13, 2010 - 17:26

      I’m sure there is a lot more that has been swept under the rug because the incidents haven’t been public enough for anyone to notice. As for mr jaffer I’m sure if he goes on a suing spree it won’t do his reputation much good.

      • #5 by E. Russon on April 14, 2010 - 19:35

        The problem is, this has turned into a witch hunt. Mr. Jaffer is a private citizen although his wife holds a parliamentary seat. It doesn’t matter what this couple has done they have a right to:

        1. Be charged. Apparently their lawyer still doesn’t know what the charge is.

        2. The right to a fair trial.

        Being dragged before Parliamentary committees and being subject to rumour, innuendo and gossip in the newspapers is against the law. One of our founding principles is the right to “habeas corpus” literally translating from the Latin – we have the body – or evidence. I’m not defending them but as you will learn when you study law, certain protocols have to be followed and this is definitely a three ring circus which is becoming an embarrassment. It definitely shows that Ignatieff is not a lawyer and I wonder who is advising him or hanging him out to dry. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Mr. R. Rae who is a lawyer and who already has dropped Iggy in the soup a couple of times.

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